Let's Get Ready
to Read
For students learning their letters/sounds.

Learn to Read
Online books. Will sound out words for students. Many choices.

I'm Reading!
Students choose a category of easy reader book. They can have the pages read to them.

Students have to pick the word that is heard to one of three written words. Should know how to sound out beginning, middle, end sounds.

Students choose the missing letters to place in the alphabet. The alphabet song plays while the letters are presented each time.

Students click on the words with the short a sound in order to stack 5 chickens. They can adjust the speed of the game and the difficulty of the words.

Students click on a word family and a beginning sound. These will be blended together as football players come together on the field.

Students choose items from Big Bird's shelf that start with the letter he pulls form his mailbox.

Students rhyme pictures with the word that Elmo says.

Color Me Hungry

Students choose the colors of food that go into each box.

Students click on a vowel sound and Cookie Monster makes a word with his soup letters.

Kangaroo Confusion
Match upper and lower case letters





Children's Storybooks
Listen to books being read.




Grade K
Match the number of objects with the correct number

Grades K-1
Work on number sequencing

100's Chart
Grades K-1

Match the number to the number space on on the chart.

Mend the Number Square
Grades K-1

Put numbers in their correct place on the 100's chart.

Grade K
Match the two halves of each item together

How Many?
Grade K

Count the objects and choose the correct number.



Many other games are also listed
on this page.

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