Excellent site that includes games, glossary, rock cycle,
earth structure, and more.
Includes great photographic examples of each type of landform:
Valleys, Plateaus, Mountains, Plains, Hills, Loes, Glaciers.

Land Formations

A site containing MANY excellent links about glaciers, mountains, deserts, and general links about landforms.

What's it Like Where You Live?
EXCELLENT site with information and photos of: rainforest, tundra, taiga, desert, temperate forests, grasslands, rivers/streams, ponds/lakes, wetlands, shorelines, temperate oceans, and tropical oceans.
U.S. Landforms
Great site in which you can select landforms to learn about. Easy to understand information.

Landforms of the World
Good Photos and characteristics of landforms. Includes additional links to learn about each landform.

This USGS site includes information about the Mississippi River and coastal wetlands.

A large amount of information on different types of landforms.

Downloadable maps available for every state!

Enchanted Learning Illustrated Glossary: Landforms and Bodies of Water

Somewhat complicated information, but great photos of alpine landforms.

Australian Landforms

Interesting and thorough information about Australia's landforms.
Easy to understand information about landforms. Includes some photos.

Powerpoint Show

It may take a minute to load

Many photographs of different kinds of landforms.
.Enchanted Learning
Biomes - Habitats

Excellent resource for information about the characteristics and inhabitants of MANY of the biomes on earth.
Landform Picture Gallery
Great photos and information that illustrate landforms.
Learning About
Bodies of Water

Different types of water bodies, freshwater vs. saltwater, notable bodies of water in the world.
Landforms Module

Excellent resource that includes photographs, puzzles, movies, vocabulary, books/software, and "ask a scientist"

Landform Activities

This is an excellent activity on the National Geographic site in which you can move through the rainforest and track your progress on a map.
Mudpile Mountain
An activity that helps you learn about: erosion, deposition, transport, alluvial fan, delta, and canyons.
Geography From Space Quiz
A quiz from the Smithsonian site using satellite images.
Landform Activities
Matching game, flash cards, word search, and concentration

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